Successful Story of Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation Bingo Fund Raising Event

In the last few years it has been completely proved that bingo is the most preferred game for fund raising events. No other casino game has ever pulled as much crowd as the bingo games. It has certainly turned out to be the tried and tested way for charity events. If you still find it hard to believe, then you should definitely take a look at the success story of bingo event organized by the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation; the fund raising event was hosted on 25th of March, 2012, and the location was St. Bruno Church situated in South Greensburg.

The organizers came up with the conventional bingo format and incorporated Longaberger baskets and Vera Bradley merchandise and prizes. Then they filled up the baskets and bags with more prizes, such as beauty products, fragrances, do-it-yourself dinners, gardening gear, and the widely famous Steelers party pack. In addition, they dished up a turkey croissant luncheon, incorporated with infinite sprees to a cookie table completely brimming with sugary and decadent goodness. Without any doubt, tickets for the fund raising event was sold out within a couple of weeks before the event actually took place; giving an excellent proof of bingo games as fund raising events.