Bingo Fans At Biddeford Have Something To Cheer For

There is big news for all those waiting for their bingo prizes of Wednesday afternoon. The State Investigations Unit took back its decision about the explanation of a statute. This week, members will be able to resume their cash prizes. This news was given by the investigation team to the club members on Thursday. After an anonymous complain regarding the club organizing the bingo game without license for cash. It was known that the club has got city affiliation and was under recreation department and do not need any license to enjoy the game of bingo there together.

Though other activities related to health or entertainments were also there still, the closing of bingo hall had cut off the population of visitors heavily. Thus, it was a great loss to all those people who love to get social there. However, the matter was reconsidered because of the interference of the recreation director Walsh himself, who assured that the matter would by properly and wisely investigated. It was discovered that though the organization conducting the game was not permitted to get profits from bingo but there was no such restriction on an individual level. Finally the members were relieved from this issue.