Bingo Types and Variants

These days, the craze for bingo games is at its all time high and broadly speaking bingo games are divided into two categories that are 75-ball game and 90-ball game. Each of these bingo types has their own benefits and you should choose them after considering all the aspects.

Firstly, we consider the 75-ball game in which 5X5 bingo match card is being used. People in North America are usually seen playing this bingo variant at a large scale. The 5X5 grid denotes that there are five rows and five columns in this type of game. These boxes can contain any number from one to 75 and the occurrences of different numbers in different sequences take place in cards. Now once the players have the card they wait for the caller to call out the numbers so that they can mark them out in their cards. Afterwards, the players start looking for a winning pattern in their cards.

Now comes the second bingo variant and that is 90-ball game. In this game 9X3 card is being used in which three horizontal lines and nine columns are present. This game is primarily played in areas of Europe, Australia, and South America. In the 90-ball card, three lines are present and in each line, five numbers are inserted. Thus, one can say that in all 15 numbers are present in the card. For arranging, the 15 numbers in the card a particular fashion is followed which is as follows:

  • Column 1 contains numbers ranging from one to 10.
  • Column 2 contains numbers between 11 and 20.
  • Column 3 contains numbers from 21 and 30.
  • The same pattern is followed for all the columns and the final column contains number from 81 to 90.

This game is little extensive than the former bingo game and it is played in three different stages. The first winning stage is that of one horizontal line, then it is two horizontal lines and the third one is full house. The winning horizontal lines can be anywhere in the card whereas for full house entire card is to be considered.

If you want to look for some other bingo types then one of them is speed bingo. This game is played online and the only difference between this game and normal bingo is the speed of calling out numbers. Here numbers are called out speedily and players need to be attentive to great extent.