Donation Comes As As Surprise For The Members of Bingo Club

Last Friday that is 18th of May turned out to be quite exciting for some of the members of the Bingo club at the senior center. For all of them, it was a normal bingo night with loads of fun, food & drink, and a huge change to grab instant cash prize money. However, for some of them, including the president of the club, Lorene Reed, last night turned out to be quite exciting. And, the reason was that the councilmember of Lynwood, Maria Santillan-Beas publicly declared her contribution of 2,500 US dollars to the prestigious bingo club and also to the rest of the senior society. It is believed that the contribution will go towards the development of new water fountain and benches. It is located at the center courtyard of the senior center.

In this regard, Santillan-Beas said that right from the inception of the senior center, the members have been looking for something like this. Without any doubt, she was talking about the water feature. As soon as Santillan-Beas came to know about it, she used her remaining campaign money as a contribution to the seniors. Her contribution did come as a nice surprise to every senior member of the community.