Drag Queen – An Amazing Element of Christian Bingo

Drag queens have always attracted the attention of viewers around the world. And, the stage of bingo is no different from it. Recently, in a exciting event the host of the popular bingo hall, who is more popular as a drag queen organized the Drag Queen Bingo Event. Yes, we are talking about the Christian Bingo and the drag queen is none other than Ann Romoney, popularly known as Sabin. The event was organized at the Bovee University and the Center Auditorium was chosen as the venue. When the event started, she was hiding behind the curtain and welcomed all students with her charismatic voice. Well, this was hr 4th time yearly appearance for the event that held on Wednesday night.

To be more specific, the Drag Queen event is basically a part of the series of events known as Coming Out Week. One of the students said that this is the second time she participated in this event as she finds it amazingly entertaining. She also added that the character of Sabin really adds amazing flavor to the whole event. So, it clearly shows that students are really attracted towards the drag queen element of this popular bingo hall.