Edmonton Sun Is Back With Their Flagship Promotion

Bingo enthusiasts are completely ready to grab the bags of bingo cash as the bingo giant ‘Edmonton Sun’ sets off its Bingo contest with prize money of $10,000. It is known to most of the bingo fans that the 7 days Bingo contest is the flagship promotion that has been operating at Edmonton’s popular newspaper for more than 20 years. The winner of 2011, Sherry Prefortaine has not at all missed an opportunity to win. In this regard, she certainly spoke few words in the praise of the game by saying that she plays each time it is organized, and it is an excellent way to win lots of money. Last year, the 58 years old lady was definitely left shocked with the result of the Bingo contest. She remembered how in only 30 minutes before the target, she was excited to find out that she was the only winner of $10,000 cash prize.

Since its inception, the Edmonton Sun has bestowed more than a million dollars through their flagship promotion. The marketing manager at Sun, Melissa Kubik, said that the bingo giant loves to make their customers happy by offering such promotions, which are accompanied with such amazing cash prizes.