Hotter summer temperature is cooling the online bingo activities

In the data provided by the site Bingoport.Co.Uk, it is stated that there is a connection between United Kingdom summer temperature and the online activities of the Bingo players. The data has showed that there is a direct relationship, if the temperature has increased then the online activities has decreased. Being specific, the data reveals that all the way through May, the hottest day in UK was on 27th of May. The temperature rose up to 28 degrees in Heathrow and also even 30 in some of the areas. The same day also saw the lowest online activities in the bingo game with an anticipated 289,000 UK inhabitants enjoying bingo online.

The busiest day of online bingo activity was of 4th may. More than 400000 players played the game on that day. The highest temp on that day was 9.6 deg. Apparently it was the second chilliest day of the same month. The 2nd chilliest day of the month was 3rd May, and it also witnessed about 400,000 online activities on bingo. A complete description on the relationship of weather and Bingo activities will be available in the forthcoming May-June Bingo trends quarterly report. And, it would be really interesting to look into it.