How the dream became reality for the new bingo jackpot winner

Bingo is definitely the game which can be highly unpredictable and immensely exciting. Whenever a person gets the jackpot on Bingo he or she definitely gets on cloud 9. The same thing happened with this week Bingo jackpot winner Jean M. A jackpot on bingo 90 fetched her 1159 pounds. When asked her about this she admitted that she was actually expecting her mother-in-law arrival and decided to have a quick game of bingo before she arrives. It seemed that the luck was with this lady and she ended up with a jackpot.

Undoubtedly Jean was immensely pleased with her mother-in-law arrival and surely she would be invited more often. That night was definitely Jean’s lucky night. The tickets for the bingo were very low. The ticket price was 2p only so Jean decided to cash her luck fully by splashing out whole 24 p to try her luck. The whole experience of winning the jackpot by this lady was awesome. She was very much excited in narrating the whole story of her winning.

Jackpot is always a big thing for a person who believes in his luck. According to Jean “ good things come only to those people who wait patiently for it “