Pechanga pacing up summer bingo with a bang

The Pechanga is organizing a bingo session at Thursday to wrap up the summer bingo series held in celebration of 10th casino anniversary. The last session will witness $45,000 in “must go”, together with $10,000 Pick 8 with $5,000 door prizes told as per casino press release. Bingo is among the earliest tribal draws while operating the casino’s forerunner, the Pechanga in1990s.When the clan announced that it was planning a comeback of bingo this summer, it spread all over California south and a lot of people who before made trip to Pechanga came back on just the day.

A large crowd of plus 900 people packed the ballroom of the casino for the very first event. Shortly crowd was not very remarkable but the casino manager says that it was pleasing summer session for the casinos. All the facts haven’t so far been crunched, except Bledsoe who tells that their casino is thinking of bringing bingo back this year or perhaps the next one for unique session. The sales for the schedule of games to be held on Thursday include the super warm-ups to be held at 4 p.m., the early birds- 6:30 p.m. with a usual at 7 p.m.