Police Hunts For The Suspects of Barry’s Bingo Incident

Denver city police are still hunting for the gunman who stormed into a packed bingo hall and frightened everyone by firing a gun. And, it happened on the Friday night, around 8:35 PM. Yes, we are talking about the incident at Barry’s Bingo. The popular bingo hall is located at 1860 S. Federal Blvd., which is quite close to the meeting point of West Jewel and Federal.

The gunman stormed into the bingo hall and demanded cash from the teller, which caught the attention of the security guard. As a result, the gunman fired a bullet at the security guard as soon as he stood up to come close to the teller. As per the owner of the bingo hall, the bullet hit the ceiling after it bounced off a television set. Fortunately, the security guard escaped unhurt. In the end, the gunman, accompanied by another man managed to escape from the scene, in a red jeep.

Police are looking into the likelihood it is a stolen automobile. The gunman is portrayed as a Hispanic or black man; he was quite young and was around 5 foot 9 or 10 inches tall. From head to toe, he was dressed in black.