Robbery at Delta Bingo

It has been shocking to learn that despite of heavy security round the corner, the Delta Bingo were found robbed last Saturday at around 12 struck on the clock. Things have just turned worse in the Drummond Road, where the incident happened. The local police are desperate in search of two guys, whom they suspect have been in robbery. Within some time, after the robbery a guy of 17 was arrested, he was levied with the charges of robbery. However, the police haven’t yet revealed the name of the person, as per the restriction of Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Post investigation report claims that two persons barged into the premises, one around 6 ft tall, wearing a black jacket with sweat pants another one was of 5 ft 10 inch tall, wearing a light grey jacket and sweat pant. Both the culprits had bagged a good sum of money and disappeared from the place, after injuring a staff member.