RockYou acquires Ryzing and its big Bingo family

Ryzer, a developer of the Bingo game has been acquired by a company known as RockYou. A Survey about this company says that it is a company that follows the ideals of social gaming organization. Although the name has been popularly available since 2010, RockYou acquired is it as a publisher in the current year. The present team of Ryzing comprises of six members which includes persons like Manu Gambhir, who is the chief Executive of the company. Gambhir says it confidently that if the idea of online gaming gets a legal permission for doing its business across the globe, Bingo will be among the the most benefited games because it will be transformed to a real-money game of gambling.

Right now, it is having around 75,000 of active members. It offers an exceptional twist on Bingo which eventually imposes some restrictions on direct cash prizes but provides an alternative prizing system by sweepstakes methodology. Not only this, the company has also put efforts in developing a real-money gaming platform of its own. But it is just waiting for the international online gambling to become legalized. Once it happens, Bingo will surely become a popular real- money online gambling game.