Special Bingo Event For The Bingo Fans In Peterborough

No one will ever deny that bingo is one such game which can be played by people of all ages. The rules are simple to comprehend and the game itself is extremely amazing. For this reason, bingo games have always been considered as the best option for social events. Therefore, a local community association in Peterborough is planning to organize a bingo event during the end of this week. And, as expected, the event is open for people from all age group. Well, the name of the community is The Walton Community Association, which is located in Mountsteven Avenue. The event will be organized on 28th of January, 2012. And, the venue will be Walton Community Centre.

The action will commence from 19:30, and it would be much better if you arrive there before an hour, to avoid any kind of last minute hassle. The monthly games will come up with different types of special prizes for the participants of the game. These types of events have turned out to be quite successful for the dying bingo halls. And, the perfect example came in the form of rejuvenation of a bingo hall in Gainsborough. The bingo hall was really struggling to survive in the market.