Tailored bingo playing system helps cognition

People do not look for reasons when it comes to play bingo games. The game of bingo not only serves an excellent source of entertainment, but also helps us to easily communicate with the people around the world. But, apart from socializing, bingo games also play a vital role in improving visual perception and visual skills. Yes, in a latest research it has been found that playing bingo games with high contrast cards considerably improve cognitive skills.

In order to figure out the relation between visual perception and cognition, researchers from Bridgewater State University, Boston University, and Case Western Reserve University monitored a group of healthy young adults, healthy seniors, and seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other various types of dementia. All of them played bingo games during the research.

Investigators figured out that when the participants played online bingo games on computer screens, which were adjusted for color, contrast, brightness, and size, then it dramatically improved their performance. When those alterations were made, participants suffering from mild dementia performed as good as their healthier players. And, participants suffering from severe dementia showed little improvement. So, apart from the already present reasons, now people have got more valid reasons to play bingo games with high contrast cards.