There are many bingo callers who do not use a timer to make the calls. Callers who have been doing this for a very long time has got a great hold of it but then also not using a timer can only increase the chances of calling inconsistently. Bingo is always punted as a really easy game to play, and for the player, this is true. But for the bingo caller, it is an entirely different set of rules. So before you even bet down to ticket sales and number calling, you really should find out how many games you will be expected to call and if you are to sell ticket books for the entire session or only before each game. But this would only be relevant if you were perhaps helping to organize a fund raising bingo evening as bingo clubs already have these systems in place.

Generally when a bingo caller tries to make the calls without a timer he ends up making slow calls. Slower calls lead to slower outcomes which eventually lead to lesser chances of winning money for the player. This can make the players annoyed and impatient. The idea is that the caller is entertaining and will help engage the players to participate when calling the numbers that way it is a fun time for everyone and when people like the bingo caller they will like attending. You may even find that some people will only attend the hall when they know their favourite caller is going to be the person calling the numbers that night.

If one needs to be in business and wants the customer to keep coming he should use a timer without a doubt because people can switch tables or casinos if they find it even slightly inefficient. Don’t rush, talking fast in front of a group of people that you are not familiar with might just have you garbling numbers and players won’t understand what bingo number lingo you are using. Keep a drink nearby, preferably an alcoholic one; it will help calm your nerves as well as your dry throat.

There are many callers who do not even know how to use a timer and that are why they prefer to do it on their own. A professional should always keep in mind these details and use all kinds of equipment to make the calling flawless so that business is not hampered.