Learn How to Create Music Bingo Cards

Bingo is undeniably one of the widely played games across the world. And, most of know how to play it. But, have you ever thought about playing bingo games with elements other than letters and numbers? Well, it is completely true that bingo can be played with words, sounds, and images as well. You can play Music Bingo by designing your bingo cards related to various aspects of music. And, believe me; it is quite easy to Create Music Bingo Cards. You can use such cards to entertain your guests or teach students about various forms of music. So, overall it will make the game more exciting than before. Below are the steps that you will have to follow:

  • Evaluate and sketch a rectangle on a paper or card stock. The sheet should measure 6 inches in length and 5 inches in width.
  • Sketch upright lines on the sheet, and the gap between them should be of one inch. As a result, it will create 5 columns after the entire lines are drawn.
  • In the same way, draw horizontal lines with gap of one inch between them. As a result, it will give rise to a gird, incorporating 6 rows and 5 columns. And, the number of squares will be 30.
  • On the top row of the grid, write down the letters ‘BINGO’, so that each box with contain one letter. In order to create theme based bingo cards, you can also write other 5 letter words, such as MUSIC.
  • Using scissors cut out the bingo card. In the same way, create as many cards as you need for the game.
  • Now, you need to decide about the kind of Music Bingo you want to play. This is certainly the most important step to Create Music Bingo Cards. For instance, you can design game related to musical instruments. You can play the sound made by every individual instrument, and the players will have to hide the box on their bingo card that contains the name or image of the instrument.
  • Now, fill each box on the card with the selected theme. According to the number of boxes, you will need at least 24 types of musical instruments, or whatever theme you have chosen.
  • Keep the middle box in the bingo card as a free space. And, put the picture of an entire rest of musical image you select on it. Make more cards, but keep in mind that no two cards should be similar.