Why sign up bingo bonus offers by bingo sites

Many people find it hard to understand that why online bingo rooms offer sign up bonuses to their new customers. Well, the most important and clear reason behind the sign up bingo bonus is to attract new customers. Bingo sites offer sign up bonus as an incentive to become one of their members. The bonuses are usually offered against an initial deposit, which you make to sign up with them. So, the moment you make the first deposit, you become entitled for the sign up bingo bonus. Most of the bingo sites offer around 100% of sign up bonus on the initial deposit. For example, if you make a deposit of $100 or £100 to the bingo site, then you will get exactly the same amount of bonus, and it will be credited into your online bingo account.

However, there is always a trick behind the bonuses. If you are thinking that you can easily make money by simply making the deposit and not playing the game, then let me tell you that things do not work in this way. If you really want to grab the bonus amount, then you will have to play the game. You will not be able to withdraw the entire bonus amount at once. It will be offered in small parts.

Along with, there is always a minimum and maximum value set for the bonus amount, and it is a factor of the amount that you would deposit. So, if a person makes a deposit that is even low than the minimum deposit amount, then he or she will not be entitled for the sign us bingo bonus. In most of the cases, the minimum deposit amount is around £20. And, the maximum value usually depends upon the bingo sites. So, this is not only a good way for the bingo players to make some money, but also an excellent marketing tool for the bingo sites.